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The Queen's new carriage, covered in gold and set with diamonds, vanishes.  It is whisked into other realms, by supernatural energy.  The Little penguins, and their mythological friends face perils dusted with drama and sprinkled with magic, to get the coach safely home to London.  The Magic Carriage ventures to times, places and people, with very un-boring history.

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Jennet Cole-Adams, Curriculum Developer and Author …
"The Magic Carriage is a rich resource for Australian schools.  Perfect for reading aloud, it takes readers on a rollicking ride through history, cleverly contextualising contemporary Australia in time and place.  The engaging story is rich in humour, imagery and unlikely characters while also providing historical insights and perspectives.  It offers something for everyone and will be the catalyst for fascinating conversations in classrooms across Australia and beyond.  The Magic Carriage is particularly useful for upper primary students, with strong links to the History, Geography, and English curriculum. "
Dr Anne Sarzin, Journalist, Editor and Author …
"While Lewis Carroll sent his heroine Alice straight down a rabbit hole, Sydney writer M.P. Grace sends a quintet of fairy penguins on a magical journey in a golden coach that is 'perfectly perfect' for the Queen and her family.  Although 148 years separate Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from M.P. Grace's delightfully poetic and imaginative book The Magic Carriage, there is something important that the two authors have in common — the ability to delight and intrigue children of all ages, especially adult ones.  The Magic Carriage is both Australian and international in its scope, as its five endearing little Eudyptula Minor penguins leave their Aussie home in Manly, a place steeped in relatively recent British history and aeons of Aboriginal tradition, to venture into the wide world on a fascinating, enlightening and historically accurate journey of discovery en route to London, the final destination of the magic carriage.  There are a host of characters that bring history alive, as well as the dramatic and contemporary figure of the coachmaker, a man of towering height and towering talent.  This book will transport you from an Australian landscape replete with kookaburras and penguins to places far and wide, from the battlefield of Gallipoli with its sandbags, mud and trenches to the civilized world of London Bobbies, 10 Downing Street and a royal reception.  Little people will discover in these pages a story that weaves a magical spell from the first page to the last."
Lisa Gielis, Teacher …
"Overall, an enchanting, magical ride on an adventure with some fairy penguins.  The class and I highly recommend it for students in Years 3 or 4.  It could readily be used as a classroom novel.  I can see investigations springing from the places visited or the historical references.  Also, drama activities or readers theatre sessions could be constructed.  The glossary is excellent and is often used by teachers to create a spelling or theme word list.  Students could also use the book as a springboard for their own writing, sending the penguins on another quest."
Kate Elkington, International Education Consultant …
"A delightfully descriptive account of the adventures of five little penguins and their journey to deliver a magic carriage to the Queen of England.  Written to be read aloud, or alone, the book is text-rich, lyrical and full of creative imagery making it an ideal gift for children, parents, grandparents, and for teachers to use in the classroom.  The author invites the reader into the enchanting world of little penguins, practicing Peng-Fu skills, 'flying' through the water and a penguin squadron saluting '…well, in truth they sort of saluted…'."

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